Hydrofracking Inference Matrix 41 - Questionable NYS Hydrofracking Advisor Appointee Briccetti

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Hydrofracking Inference Matrix 41 – Questionable NYS Hydrofracking Advisor Appointee Briccetti

(Reference to Ms. Briccetti in this section)

To Date: July 20, 2011 00:11 EST/EDT neither Mr. Jim Cannon, a public affairs specialist and
Mr. Ralph Tijerina director of health, safety and environmental for Range Resources has reponded
to my calls, voicemails and E-mails requesting an explanation and/or clarification of Mr. Cannon’s
statements that Hydrofracking flowback water or “brine” is nontoxic and that the chemicals that
comprise the brine are somehow neutralized underground (never mind that uranium gets bonded
to the chemicals added to the water).

Range Resources is a natural gas drilling company with a large presence in Pennsylvania. This
is all meticulously documented in this dataset overview below.

In the Hydrofracking documentary Gasland there were a few signature scenes where its creator
Josh Fox unsuccessfully attempted to contact the natural gas industry multiple times to no
avail with a similar trail of transfers to nowhere ultimately leading to voicemail boxes in digital
limbo seemingly purposely set up by the "Big (natural) Gas industry whatever company it may
be never to be returned.

The no response by Big Gas here in this case Range Resources to myself and in general Josh
Fox is one thing but it is quite another of a woman begging and pleading for remediation of a
brine pit that is overcoming her with fumes and causing her severe health problems also getting
no response after multiple attempts by her to contact the company.

The woman vehemently complained of this (right at the start of the video aboce) and then others
to where Mr. Tijerina gave his personal company phone number (724) 743-6745 in another video
segment of the meeting … the same number I’m experiencing no response from him:

If (or better put probably never) I do get a response from Messrs. Cannon and/or Tijerina I will
post them either here in this dataset or post a link to one that does.

Until then this most important dataset will remain a testament to the mindset of a least one
large “Big Gas” company: Range Resources that I can’t put any other way: severely endangers
public health on a wide scale.

To date the number of views of this compelling Range Resources YouTube video (i.e. the
above URL link) which is one of several segments is only a mere 620. By all rights it should
number in the hundreds of thousands; no make that in the millions and if I succeed in my
efforts I’m hoping it will be so.

I want to strongly emphasize here this is NOT some “Sarah Palin gotchya moment” of a Range
Resources panel addressing some local yokels in an obscure town meeting in the boonies of

No … Buffalo, PA is in the heart of the “sweet spot” of the Marcellus shale. If Hydrofracking
would be conducted anywhere it would be there. And Messrs. Cannon and Tijerina are not
lowly Range Resources company officials but key point men from respectively an
aforementioned public relations and a (dubious and questionable) health and safety advisory

You can view Mr. Cannon’s (Inference Matrix) Internet profile here at this URL link:

and I’ve yet to do Mr. Tijerina’s. From a regular “manual” Google search i.e. one where I’m not
using my app, I can see Mr. Tijerina has a large Internet presence with respect to Range
Resources as does Mr. Cannon but that should not be misconstrued as an indication of

A few weeks ago New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
commissioner Joe Martens selected a 12 member Hydrofracking advisory panel whose input
and advice will immediately and directly affect the health and welfare of millions and for
generations to come not being overly dramatic in several respects even more so than the
legislators voting on Hydrofracking.

I intend to do an (Inference Matrix) Internet profile for each of the appointees and Commissioner
Martens. Of the three I have done so far, two show a severe lack of credentials for experience
directly related to Hydrofracking; Ms. Heather Briccetti and Mr. Mark Hallman. You can see
their profiles for yourself at these URL links and make your own determinations.

In the same regard as attempting to contact Messrs. Cannon and Tijerina for clarification, I have
yet to receive a reply from either with any references of their experience explicitly to Hydrofracking
that perhaps I missed with my app. I’m not holding my breath of any kind of reply or correspondence
from anybody I’ve mentioned in this section.

If you are so inclined maybe you might have better luck than I. If you do get some feedback especially
clarifications; I’d sure like to hear about it. Here is the best contact information I can come up with:

Mr. Jim Cannon
Range Resources
100 Throckmorton Street, Suite 1200
Fort Worth, TX 76102
T 817-870-2601 F 817-869-9100
Ask to connected to Mr. Cannon. Range Resources does not give out personal E-mail addresses
from within the company.

Mr. Ralph Tijerina
Range Resources
(724) 743-6745
100 Throckmorton Street, Suite 1200
Fort Worth, TX 76102
T 817-870-2601 F 817-869-9100
Ask to connected to Mr. Tijerina. Range Resources does not give out personal E-mail addresses
from within the company.

Ms. Heather Briccetti
The Business Council of New York State, Inc.
152 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12210-2289
518.465.7511 Ext. 203

Mr. Robert M. Hallman – Partner
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
Eighty Pine Street
New York, NY 10005-1702
212.701.3680 Phone
212.378.2197 Fax

Mr. Joseph Martens – Commissioner
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-0001
Mr. Martens direct E-mail address is not posted but you can E-mail him via this online form:

Hello Ms. Briccetti – I’ll be upfront: You’re Internet profile simply does not show you’re qualified …

for your position or appointment to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s
(DEC) Hydrofracking advisory panel; the most important appointment you will ever have in your
life where your decisions and policy promulgations not might; but will have an immediate direct
influence and impact on millions of people’s lives:

In my following letter which I’ll be sending to all members of your advisory panel of course with
their Internet profile especially for them, I explain how I can realize a person’s Internet profile;
what pages and online documents they appear in and then with respect to other names and
terms to an extent and comprehensiveness like nobody else I’ve seen to date.

Nowhere do I see any reference of any study, scrutiny and Hydrofracking of yours; the
economics, safety involved with it etc. let alone extensive, but what I do see are baseless
references of support for Governor’s Cuomo’s plans. For example:

This is really disconcerting for me, one who has a very unique, global in the comprehensive
sense and soon in the literal sense of Hydrofracking from a truly multilingual perspective.

Perhaps you could give me some more references with my app that I might have missed a
substantial number of references on the Internet that would vindicate you of my claims and
criticisms here of your qualifications that such an important position requires more than a
glorified puppet mouthpiece for Governor Cuomo and/or by extension the Big (natural) Gas

Attached among several other Hydrofrofracking “Inference Matrices” that I post on is my Inference Matrix especially for you and the complete verbatim text of
my E-mail post here to you.

I currently offer several of my Inference Matrices; the output of my app for a very nominal
charge at most $10 USD fee and others for free; gratis. I ultimately look forward to offering
them all for free.

I consider my findings here so important that I will be especially offering your Inference Matrix
profile for free and apprise as many people, contacts etc. I’ve made of its existence and my
findings which immediately allows anyone the opportunity to make their own determinations.

It really is THAT important as Hydrofracking is THAT important of an issue.

Here is the URL to my E-mail post to you here:

Again, that said I welcome any references you may have that fills in some huge information gap
that I missed.

I welcome and look forward to your correspondence.

Best regards,

Joel S.

Here are are search engine search terms I used for you. Simply:

Heather Briccetti

Here are the Auxiliary terms search for each URL result (i.e. web page or online document)

accessible adequate advocate agenda alleged alliance analysis appointed appointee appointment area assemblyman assemblywoman associated association authority BCNYS biased blind Brad bribe Briccetti business call Cheney chosen clout collaborate collaborated commission commissioner compulsory concept conclude conclusion conjunction conservation contention contrary controverisal controversy contrversial council counsel credible Cuomo curious curriculum danderous deceit deception degradation demonstrate demonstrated demonstrates department depreciation directive discussion discussions dishonest disingenuous donor dubious ducks economics endorsed endorsement environmental EPA evidence exact executive exemption experience experienced expertise extend extension field financial FOIA following follows forced forecast forecasts formulation fracking gas Gill governor grasp grasping gratutitous Halliburton harmful health Heather hides hinder historical history honest honesty horizontal hydraulic Hydrofracking hypocrisy hypocrite ignorance ignorant impartial impartiality inaccessible inadequate inconsistent increased independent industry inexperience inexperienced influence influenced influencing initiated inquiries inquiry inspection insufficient insurance integration IOGA IOGANY irrelevant Joseph lacking land landowner lie lies lobbied lobby loss mandate Martens minded models monopoly moratorium motivation motive motives mouthpiece natural neophyte new newbie obfuscate oblivious oil open opinion opinionated outlook overwheming partial perception personal pooling prejudice prejudicial previous profitability puppet purposely qualifications qualified questionable questioning questions recommendations recommended record relating relevant reliable reputed research resistant resolution respect resume rote rubber safety satisfactory scam self shill silence silent sincere sincerity specifically stamp stance state statement strict stringent studies study subservient substantial sufficient sustainable technology testimony thinking tort toxic track ulterior unbiased undesirable unqualified unreliable unsubstantial unsubstantiated unsuited unwavering unwilling upfront uranium value vitae void willing with York


Hello Mr./Ms. *************** – I have a unique perspective on Hydrofracking. I was wondering you could provide …

additional names and terms that could enhance your Internet profile with respect to
Hydrofracking unlike from any other source and perhaps you might be amiable to working
in collaboration with me once your get the essence or gist of the unique specialized work
that I do for truly getting to the heart of the Hydrofracking issue that is coming to a head
in here in New York State.

My request to you here is similar to others I’ve made in the same regard or respect except
the context here is more important and compelling.

Much more so …

As one of the 12 appointees by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
(DEC) to an advisory board to “guide regulations on allowing natural-gas drilling in New York”:

the decisions you make, the rules and regulations you will promulgate and your experience;
or lack of it with respect to high volume horizontal fracking (HVHF) or “Hydrofracking” will
have more of a direct effect on our lives and that of generations to come than any politician
I could ever (have) vote(d) for in any context.

No, I am emphatically NOT being overly dramatic here in stating this is the most important
assignment of your life again, with the most far-reaching and substantial consequence
for all of us.

I have developed an application (i.e. a computer program) that indexes and categorizes
where i.e. what web pages and online documents names, terms and regular words that are
present or contained in them to a much higher degree of sophistication and
comprehensiveness that you cannot realize doing a regular search engine search (probably)
Google that you are used to.

What I have done here with my Inference Matrix here specially devoted to you is index or
catalog virtually every web page and online document your name appears with
Hydrofracking, hydraulic fracturing and many other relevant terms (listed below)

What this unique, special profile of you with respect to Hydrofracking helps bring to light
your qualifications for making such important decisions and determinations that not
might … but will directly affect the lives and welfare of millions of people can more readily
be studied and scrutinized from a comprehensive perspective as from no other source.

I often marvel at instances where political appointees are chosen for important regulatory
positions whereupon further inspection of their resume, curriculum vitae and work
history there no record – nada – of previous experience in the given field e.g. the head
of a water authority or the chairmanship of a school board etc.

For instance here one of your associates who has been selected to your advisory panel
is Ms. Heather Briccetti; acting president and CEO of the Business Council of New
York state. Where Ms. Briccetti’s business experience may indeed be exemplary to
attain such a position, a history or track record substantially lacking or devoid of
explicit Hydrofracking references apart from news blurbs of being appointed to the
panel I vigorously contend such an appointment is dubious at best and potentially
dangerous and harmful to millions at worst from the inexperience.

Ms. Briccetti’s Inference Matrix will reveal much in this regard.

My term selection in making my Inference Matrix for (each of) you of course are
entirely my own, thus my inquiry to you here for additional names and terms that
you would like me to incorporate for another matrix that would better define
your profile.

While most of terms I select are common to all of your associates; all the members
of your panel but several are through my own research especially with respect to

My Inference Matrix I’m submitting to you here I don’t intend to be a “one and done”
exercise. I intend to update and post them periodically and apprise as many people
as I can of their existence and my E-mails to you an effort to substantiate my
contention(s) I want to be as fair open with my Inference Matrices as possible.

While yes, I have my own sentiments and opinions about Hydrofracking; currently
steadfastly against it, I stand by my scruples not to filter out or “cherry pick” search
terms and Internet references that are pro-Hydrofracking in context and nature that
run counter to my stance or position.

I have found from (of course) my personal experience with my app the more terms
that are implemented, the more my Inference Matrices naturally or inherently they
trend to be unbiased thus my overture to you here.

Following is the verbiage of E-mails I sent to others where I describe the concept
of my Index Matrices more in-depth.

Lastly I wanted to ask you here and perhaps I will again in an inquiry E-mail
explicitly to the effect if your panel will compose parameters or criteria where
if a certain hazardous accident occurs or a certain pollution and/or
cumulative contamination threshold is reached independent of what is
referred to as the Cheney-Halliburton exemptions to EPA oversight, and the
clean air and water acts if you personally would or will/would vigorously
push for the cessation of Hydrofracking operations in New York state.

Thank you for your consideration. I welcome and look forward to your

Best regards,

Joel S.


My name is Joel Shapiro. I’ve developed an application that I can best describe
in a nutshell that finds and categorizes the presence of names, terms and/or
regular words present in web pages, online .PDF documents and online Microsoft
Office documents with respect to any topic or subject to an unprecedented extent.

I found reference to you from your online article at this URL link:


My current focus is Hydrofracking. You can find examples and much further
explanations of my work: creating Hydrofracking inference matrix datasets on

To get a complete listing of all my Hydrofracking datasets just enter: Hydrofracking in the
big search field on the top of every page.

Each dataset has an overview and I’ve provided several free example datasets with respect
to Hydrofracking. You’ll find my pricing very reasonable; really and if you read my open
letter you’ll find my objective is to offer them all for free.

You’ll find what I consider my best overview if you bring up these two URL links:

Also attached is my Inference Matrix especially with respect to Hydrofracking and radiation
which may be of particular interest to you:

Perhaps you’ve heard the recent disclosure by the New York times of a multitude of heavily
redacted internal E-mails within the Big Gas industry wondering, questioning and musing the
economic viability of it at all? That the indications are that the yields are nowhere near as
much as billed or touted etc.?:

Using a Hubble Telescope figurative analogy this is a whole new interesting sector of the
“Hydrofracking sky” to explore, study and scrutinize with my Inference Matrices.

I would welcome any Hydrofracking names or input that I might run more compelling datasets
and chatting with you at your inclination. I have a pretty flexible schedule.

My objective if you read my open letter is to build a grassroots database that would REALLY be
useful for a ******** who covers Hydrofracking exactly such as yourself.

In the paper or hard edition of your article the Democrat and Republic apparently did an insert
of their own to your article citing the names and their current or previous positions held in
industry and organizations etc. There doesn’t seem to be an associated link to their names
or I can’t find it on online the D & C for today but here is the equivalent from a very easy
Google search.

I intend to do one of my Inference Matrices for each to get an idea where their names are
mentioned in the same article or report that also contains especially of course Hydrofracking
but others as well … to REALLY get a profile of them; 12 people who’s experience either
detailed or much to be desired and biases both from a pro-and-anti-Hydrofracking respect
will ultimately have more influence on our lives than any politician we’ve ever voted for.

I’m also intend to publish each one along with my inquiry if they would help me with their
own profile, an E-mail inquiry for all intents and purposes the same as I’m submitting to you
here. I think it would be most interesting firstly who, if any of them responds and what
kind of terms they would submit to me to be included in the Auxiliary list for their profile.

Perhaps you have some you can think of?

Here is a letter to the editor I’ve submitted to several local town newspapers in New York State:

[[ Dear Editor,

Ever since I became aware of the controversial Hydrofracking method of natural gas
extraction I’ve wondered why … why the Quixotic push by the “Big Gas” for it in New
York State where the sweet spot the vast Marcellus natural gas deposit that is touted
by the natural gas industry as the key to America’s energy independence is in
Pennsylvania where it is already permitted and New York state has all the hassles of
popular and political opposition and moratoriums etc.?

Well, (no pun intended) here’s three reasons you’re not going to see from Bradley Gill director
of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York (IOGA of NY) who of course toes the
Big Gas company line. First, apart from the most famous signature moment in the documentary
Gasland of the exploding faucet another is where the creator Josh Fox of Pennsylvania
gets a lease offer tender from a Big Gas company which was essentially “Please, oh please Mr.
Fox lease us your land so you may receive all the riches we can bestow upon you”. However
here in New York it would go some like this: "Dear Mr. Fox, Here’s the deal. Here’s our offer
that’s pretty much the same as your neighbors. If you don’t take our offer of 30 pieces of
Judas silver from your apparent high moral fortitude and integrity; No Problem! 60 percent
of your neighbors probably will and we can drill your land anyway per a rule special to New
York called: Compulsory Integration. Ha!

Secondly, New York has zero, zilch Hydrofracking experience. Even with what Big Gas says
will be the most stringent rules and regs in the county; no matter, it is still just state oversight
with the teeth of a meth addict as in none and Big Gas has the Cheney Exemption. Look at
Pennsylvania which supposedly has tough regs, blowouts and contaminated water wells. No
problem for Big Gas.

Thirdly a New York Hydrofracking moratorium would discredit Big Gas and set precedents
for anti-Hydrofrackers everywhere. Finally, an easy homework assignment: Go Google
Compulsory Integration Hydrofracking New York and Cheney Halliburton exemption. ]]

Thank you for your interest and consideration. I really welcome and look forward to your

Best regards,

Joel S.

Joel Shapiro
Rochester, New York 14618
Phone numbers in order of preference:
(585) 255-0997 (Cell – Call anytime – best to reach me)
(585) 250-8053 (Home – 9:30 to 22:00 EDT/EST)
(585) 473-7013 (Home – 9:30 to 22:00 EDT/EST)

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