HRSA Data Warehouse - Primary Care Service Areas, 2006 Edition

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The 2006 edition of the PCSA database contains nationwide data United States primary health care resources, populations and utilization, compiled and presented in newly developed units of analysis (Primary Care Service Areas) and related to other geopolitical regions.

PCSAs were developed by aggregating ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. Find a description and definition of PCSA boundaries in the Data Warehouse Metadata Explorer. The boundary definitions for the 2006 edition of the data are the same as for the previous (2003) edition.

Downloadable PCSA data are in DBF format. With the exception of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data, missing data are identified as -99. In the CMS data suppression rules apply to the Medicare variables; suppressed data values are shown as -999.

The 2006 data are organized by data source or subject; this is in contrast to the 2003 edition which was organized by geographic summary level (State, county, various super-county or sub-county units, PCSA, and ZCTA).