Health Profiles in England 2010

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Health Profiles are produced by the Public Health Observatories in England working in partnership, with funding from the Department of Health. They are designed to help local government and health services identify problems in their areas and decide how to tackle them. They provide a snapshot of the overall health of the local population, and a highlight of potential problems through comparison with other areas and with the national average.

The profiles are produced at local authority level for relevance to their key audiences, including Local Councillors, Directors of Public Health, and Local Authority Officers, who use them to identify priorities and challenge plans. They are now an established part of planning for health improvements.

Each Health Profile document includes:

  • An ‘At a glance’ summary description of people’s health in the area
  • Maps and charts that show how the health in the area compares to the national and local view
  • Trended information showing changes in death rates over a ten year period of time
  • A ‘spine chart’ health summary showing the difference in health between the area and the average for England for 32 indicators

This information is also provided via interactive maps which enable comparisons of several areas for all indicators in the spine chart.

Updated Health Profiles are released every summer. They are published on this website and key stakeholders are informed of release.