Geonames Places

Added By Infochimps

The Geonames Places API locates all places within a specified area. Places are any geographic points that can be named. In other words, within a defined area, any geographic point that is “named” will appear as a match for your custom query. The Geonames API database includes over 10 million geographical names and 7.5 million unique features. The combined volume of data and precision of geolocation make this API a powerful addition to any tool or program with a geo element.

The API can query geonames within a defined geographic area, and it can query specific place types within that area. The API returns multiple matching results for any place type you want to query, simultaneously adhering to any geo parameters you stipulate for your search. Querying a place type retrieves only the most relevant matches for your custom search, and within a given geography.

This data set is available with an Infochimps Platform Solution. For availability inquiries, use the Contact Us form to the right.