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The Foursquare Places API delivers uniquely rich information about venues, worldwide. Where many geolocation providers will deliver venue categories described across broad types: bars, restaurants, gyms, colleges, grocery stores, etc, Foursquare data is unique in the venue type depth provided: for example, bars are further classified as sports, gay, dive, wine, whiskey, and so on.

What data does this API contain?

Our Foursquare Places API contains venues that have recently experienced a checkin. So, our subset is a reasonable approximation of recently active venues. It is meant to be a companion to the existing Foursquare API and a foundation upon which we will continue to build interesting data products and API.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for products that you would like us to build on this data!

Sample the API

Since it is part of the Infochimps Geo API, you can query this API using any of the geographic locators that we support, such as: latitude/longitude/radius and bounding box.

For example, to query the API by bounding box, pass the parameter g.bbox in the query with the following values: [min latitude, min longitude, max latitude, max longitude]. So, an example bounding box that covers San Francisco would be: g.bbox=37.705,-122.505,37.821,-122.379

To query the Infochimps API by bounding box, simply define four perimeters for your query and the API does the heavy lifting. It will retrieve numerous results with rich venue information, according to your users’ custom queries.

This API is part of the Infochimps Geo API.

Quick Reference Geolocators:

  • Infochimps Office in Austin, TX: g.latitude=30.273054&g.longitude=-97.757598&g.radius=1000
  • San Francisco, CA: g.latitude=37.776115&g.longitude=-122.412768&g.radius=1000
  • Oakland, CA Bounding Box: g.bbox=37.7993,-122.2777,37.8077,-122.2682
  • Marfa, TX: g.latitude=30.311863&g.longitude=-104.024779&g.radius=10000
  • San Francisco, CA Quadkey: &quad_key=0230102
  • Downtown & South Austin, TX Google Tile: g.latitude=30.221101852485983&g.longitude=-97.822265625&g.zoom_level=12


Foursquare End User License

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Subject to your payment of all applicable fees specified for the Resource and the other terms and conditions laid out in the TOS and these Additional Terms, you are granted a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to access and make use of the Resource, including use for commercial purposes; provided, however, you agree not to use the Resource in any way that involves making available to the public all or a substantial part of the Resource or any derivative database based on the Resource. As used in these Additional Terms, the term \“substantial\” is intended to refer to quantity, quality or a combination of both. Accordingly, the repeated and systematic extraction or re-use of insubstantial parts of the Resource may amount to the substantial part of the Resource.

You agree not to store or cache information retrieved from the Resource for more than ten (10) days. You agree not to calculate or distribute the following classes of information: (1) Raw check-in counts fro anything other than a single foursquare venue; (2) Statistics related to/compared to check-in services other than foursquare; or (3) Statistics relative to historical data where such historical data is more than seven (7) days old.

The foregoing restriction on use is not intended to exclude the interaction of users with the Resource through a computer network, or the creation and use of a derivative work (such as an image, audiovisual material, text, or sounds) that results from using the whole or a substantial part of the Resource (via a search or other query), so long as no copy of all or a substantial part of the Resource or any derivative database based on the Resource is transferred or created.

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