Fire Eagle API - Yahoo

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Fire Eagle is a geolocation sharing service that brokers location information. It is designed to help users safely share information about their location with sites, services and people on the internet. Start building your own location-aware applications, sites and services.

Want to easily make your site react to a user’s location? Or maybe you’ve found a way to capture someone’s location and want to find cool things to plug it into? By doing the heavy lifting for you and connecting you to a community of geo-developers, Fire Eagle makes it easier to build location-aware services.

How It Works

The service has two major functions for users—it allows a user to update their location and then gives them full control of how and where they share that location. A user can perform these functions on the central site, but can also update or access their location data using any other authorized 3rd party application – on the web, on a desktop application or on a mobile device. Applications that access a user’s location information can then personalize their service accordingly.

The Fire Eagle service is designed to make it easier for any application that can capture your location to work with any service that would like to use it. But a service doesn’t have to either be an updater or consumer of a user’s location information. They can do both.