Federal Election Commission - Independent Expenditures and Electioneering Communications

Added By mrflip

Contains all of the independent expenditure transactions from these 24/48-hour filings. We’re planning to update this file a couple of times each business day, and early next week we’ll add a similar file for electioneering communications.

  • can_id – ID number for the candidate referenced in the spending
  • cand_nam – name of the candidate (as it was provided in the report)
  • spe_id – ID number of the committee or group making the disbursement
  • spe_nam – name of the committee or group or person making the disbursement
  • ele_typ – election type – e.g. G=general, P=primary, S=special
  • can_off_sta – candidate state abbreviation
  • can_off_dis – candidate district
  • can_off – candidate office sought (H=House, S=Senate)
  • cand_pty_affiliation – candidate party
  • exp_amo – specific expenditure amount
  • exp_dat – expenditure date
  • agg_amo – aggregate from this spender in this race
  • sup_opp – S=support O=oppose the candidate
  • pur – purpose of the disbursement
  • pay – payee
  • tran_id – transaction identifier (unique within the filing)
  • image_num – image number for the transaction (i.e. location where the entry can be viewed)
  • receipt_dt – receipt date for the submission