Executions in the United States | Death Penalty Information Center 1998-present

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The Death Penalty Information Center’s data collection page. Contains links to downloadable documents on the following topics:

Executions in 2010

Upcoming Executions

Lethal Injection

Execution Database – Fully searchable database of all modern era executions

Executions by State, from 1608-1976 (Compiled from the Espy database)

Historical Executions: The Espy File – Executions in the United States, 1608-2002, viewable in PDF format

Methods of Execution – Description of each method, with state procedures and numbers of executions by method

Botched Executions – Incidences of serious problems in the actual execution of inmates since 1976

State Execution Rates (states ranked by per capita execution rate)

Executions per Death Sentence by State (states ranked by the likelihood of a death sentence resulting in an execution)

Those Executed Who Did Not Directly Kill the Victim

Information on Defendants Who Were Executed Since 1976 and Designated as “Volunteers”

State by State database of general information

Execution News and Developments – Current Year
Execution News and Developments – Previous Years

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