EUROPARL - Europeal Parliament - Register of Documents

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  1. About

Documents from European Parliament. Documents that are ‘directly accessible’ include:

  • Documents relating to parliamentary activity
  • European Parliament general information documents
  • Official documents forwarded by other institutions
  • Documents from third parties

See [here]( for a full list of what is included.

  1. Downloading

Documents are available by:

1. Going to the Europarl [register of documents]( 2. Clicking on ‘By document type’ under ‘Search’ on the left hand navigation bar 3. Browsing through the classification system

Some material can be accessed directly at:

  1. Openness

Reproduction allowed for noncommercial purposes only. [Legal notice]( says:

> Reproduction of textual data and multimedia items which are the property of the European Parliament (© European Parliament, year) or of third parties (© External source, year) and for which the European Parliament holds the rights of use is authorised for non-commercial purposes only provided that the entire item is reproduced and the source is acknowledged. However, reproduction of certain data may be subject to different conditions; in this case, the item concerned is accompanied by a mention of the specific conditions relating to it.

> The user undertakes not to delete or change the indications of the author or the source and not to seek to circumvent the technical measures put in place to protect documents and multimedia items, such as print or download restrictions and visible or invisible tagging. Any infringement may lead to civil and criminal proceedings.