Early Years Census

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Provision for children under five, England, January 2009.Number of 3 and 4 year olds benefiting from some free early education

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Update frequency: Annually
Import source: COSPREAD-cospread-dec-09.csv
External reference: DCSF-DCSF-0018
National statistic: yes
Geographic coverage: 100000: England
Co id: DCSF-DCSF-0018
Update frequency: Annually
Date released: 2009-06-16
Temporal granularity: years
Precision: Numbers rounded to nearest 100 if over 1,000, and to the nearest 5 otherwise.Percentage to nearest whole number.
Categories: Children, Education and Skills
Department: Department for Children, Schools and Families
Geographical granularity: local authority
Date updated: 2009-06-16