Drug misuse

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Estimated Problem Drug Users (Crack and/or Opiates), Crude Rate, Aged 15-64

Source: The National Treatment Agency

Publisher: Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO)

Geographies: Local Authority District (LAD), County/Unitary Authority, Government Office Region (GOR), National

Geographic coverage: England

Time coverage: 2006/07

Type of data: Administrative data

Update frequency: Annually
Import source: DATA4NR-data4nr-export-13-01-2010.csv
External reference: DATA4NR-1349
National statistic: no
Geographic coverage: 100000: England
Update frequency: Annually
Temporal coverage from: 2006
Precision: County district estimates are based on a model applied to top tier local authorities. This model relied on a probabilistic allocation of cases to Local Authorities based on postal sector of residence. A regression model uses number of users in treatment (2006/07) to disaggregate the County level estimates to County Districts. The number of users in treatment will have impacted on the prevalence estimates published by the Home Office and the regression model which may introduce bias to the estimates.
Source: The National Treatment Agency
Temporal coverage to: 2007