District of Colombia Data Catalog

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List of datasets made available online in convenient way by Washington DC’s Office of Chief Technology Officer. From the main page:

> For years the District of Columbia has provided public access to city operational data through the Internet. Now the District provides real-time data from multiple agencies to citizens, a catalyst ensuring agencies operate as more responsive, better performing organizations. Use the data catalog below to subscribe to a live data feed in Atom format and access data in XML, Text/CSV, KML or ESRI Shapefile formats. Please note that by accessing the data catalog and feeds, you agree to our Terms of Use.

  1. Openness: ?
  • No license is specified for the catalog itself.
  • Datasets themselves (which are outside the scope of this package which relates to the catalogue itself) are almost, but not quite, open as [terms of use]( require notification to DoC by email of any usage.