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Welcome to Data Center Map – your guide to the global map data center market, with focus on colocation, IP transit, cloud and various hosting services.

About Data Center Map

Data Center Map is a free web service acting as the link between providers and clients in the data center industry, making it easier for clients to find potential providers matching their needs. The service focuses on colocation and IP transit, but also covers a lot of other data center services such as wholesale space, dedicated servers, remote hands, internet exchanges and much more.

The site was launched in October 2007 and is today the most comprehensive site of this kind, covering more than 1500 facilities from more than 60 countries. In May 2009 the site was relaunched with a lot of new functions and expansion of services covered. Data Center Map is free to use for both clients and providers, and is financed primarily by advertising and commission fees for connecting providers with new clients.

The vision of Data Center Map is for the site to become the ultimate meeting place for providers and in-market buyers of data center services on a global scale, by accumulating as much data as possible and making it as easy as possible for the users to work with, and thereby making the industry more transparent and efficient. We are always open to feedback on how the service can be approved, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or requests.

Data Dump

A CSV-dump of Data Center Map data is available for purchase, with the following restrictions:

  • The data may only be used internally in the company.
  • The data may not be forwarded or published to any third party.
  • The data may not be used for marketing purposes.

Typically companies using dumps from Data Center Map are real estate agencies, investment firms, equipment manufacturers, analysts etc., using the data for statistical purposes or for internal databases and tools.