Custom Ads API - CityGrid

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As a CityGrid partner, you can place CityGrid ads on your web and mobile applications and get paid when your users click on them. Ads can be obtained by requests to the Custom Ads API, which provide you raw advertisement data in XML, leaving you free to customize all look-and-feel aspects of the display, including formatting, colors, and fonts.

Advertisements are requested by category and geography. Consider an application in which a user searches for “restaurants”. The application has previously determined that the user is located in or near Santa Monica, CA, and has left that information in a cookie. The application can create relevant CityGrid advertisements by using “restaurants” and “Santa Monica, CA” as arguments when making a call to the Custom Ads API.

The Custom Ads API contains two endpoints: one for which the location is defined in terms of the name of a geographic region, and the other for which it is defined in terms of latitude and longitude.