Country Codes cross-conversion table: Name, TLD, Telephone, WMO, ISO 3166 (alpha-2), and more

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The following list shows the countries of the world, according to international standard ISO 3166-1. Selected standard codes for the countries are shown. There is also an indication of which entities are or are not independent countries.

Codes include:

  • Country name: As shown in “Administrative Subdivisions of Countries”.
  • A-2: Alpha-2 codes from ISO 3166-1
  • A-3: Alpha-3 codes from ISO 3166-1 (synonymous with World Bank Codes)
  • Num: Numeric codes from ISO 3166-1
  • ITU: Codes assigned by the International Telecommunications Union
  • FIPS: Codes from the U.S. standard FIPS PUB 10-4
  • IOC: Codes assigned by the International Olympics Committee . These codes identify the nationality of athletes and teams during Olympic events.
  • FIFA: Codes assigned by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  • DS: Distinguishing signs of vehicles in international traffic (oval bumper sticker codes)
  • WMO: Country abbreviations used in weather reports from the World Meteorological Organization
  • GAUL: Global Administrative Unit Layers from the Food and Agriculture Organization
  • MARC: MAchine-Readable Cataloging codes from the Library of Congress
  • Dial: Country code from ITU-T recommendation E.164 (international dialing code), sometimes followed by area code
  • Independent: Country status, based on the CIA World Factbook. This column is just a superficial note, provided for convenience. I don’t care to argue about it. For full details, please consult your favorite official source.