Conception summary tables, England and Wales (provisional)

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Presents provisional annual statistics on conceptions to women usually resident in England and Wales. It covers conception counts and conception rates for women of all ages, including outcome, martial status and area of usual residence. Conception statistics include either a termination by abortion or a maternity at which one or more live births or stillbirths occur. Maternities which result in one or more live/stillbirths are counted only once.

Source agency: Office for National Statistics

Designation: National Statistics

Language: English

Alternative title: Conception summary tables, England and Wales (provisional)

Import source: ONS-ons_hub_2009_02.xml
External reference: ONSHUB
National statistic: yes
Geographic coverage: 101000: England, Wales
Update frequency: annually
Date released: 2009-02-26
Agency: Office for National Statistics
Categories: Population
Geographical granularity: Local Authority and County