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Download census tract to Zip data. The Basic Report includes one record for each census tract in the U.S., and identifies the ZIP Code containing the geographic center of the census tract. Also included are state, county, and the town name for the ZIP Code. The Basic Report has approximately 65,000 records. The Advanced Report is made up of two files, each containing approximately 100,000 records:

  • A Tract-to-ZIP file relates every census tract to all overlapping ZIP Codes (Download a sample of the Advanced Tract-to-ZIP file.)
  • A ZIP-to-Tract file relates every ZIP Code to all overlapping census tracts. (Download a sample of the Advanced ZIP-to-Tract file.)


  • Valuable Analysis Tool: Census tract to ZIP Code correspondence files simplify compliance and research projects.
  • Up-to-date Census Tract To ZIP Code Correspondence: Reports are released quarterly, using current ZIP Code and census tract boundary data.
  • Two Report Versions To Choose From: Advanced for robust analysis and Basic for a simpler, less expensive, alternative.
  • Nationwide Data: Data for the entire United States in a single report.
  • Immediate Download: Download your report immediately after ordering.
  • Versatile Format: Both Basic and Advanced Reports are in delimited text format (.txt) files.
  • Data Currency: This product is updated and released quarterly.
  • Data Delivery: Both the Basic and Advanced reports are provided in delimited text format (.txt), and are available for immediate download.