Census 2000 Planning Database (for Census 2010)

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The Tract Level Planning Database With Census 2000 Data is a database that assembles a range of housing, demographic and socioeconomic variables that are correlated with mail nonresponse. Using data from U.S. Census 2000, a database containing these variables has been developed for all census tracts in the country.
The variables included in the Tract Level Planning Database With Census 2000 Data (also called the planning database, or PDB) were guided by extensive research conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau and others to measure census coverage and to identify reasons people are missed in the census (de la Puente, 1993). The variables include housing indicators (percent renters, multi-units, crowded housing, lack of telephones, vacancy) and person indicators (poverty, not high school graduate, unemployed, complex households, mobility, language isolation, public assistance income). Other operational and demographic data are also included (such as race/ethnic distributions). Using the 1990 Census as the initial source, a database containing these variables was developed for all tracts in the country for use in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Census 2000 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1999). The PDB contains “hard-to-count” (HTC) scores which summarize the attributes of each tract or block group in terms of enumeration difficulty.
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