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Download carrier route reports by city. Reports include: carrier route ID, ZIP Code, carrier route code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, and enclosing carrier route. (The enclosing carrier route field is relevant only for PO Box carrier routes, and tells you in which carrier route delivery area the PO Box carrier route falls.)

U.S. Postal Service Delivery Counts: Reports also feature USPS delivery counts (updated every month) for each carrier route, including: total residential delivery count, multi-family delivery count, single-family delivery count, PO Box count, and business delivery count.

Demographics: Enhanced Reports with Demographics include the following ten demographic values for each carrier route with a delivery area: Average Household Income, Median Household Income, Median Home Value, Percentage Home Ownership, Population Growth 2000 to 2009, Percentage of Households with Children, African American Percentage of Population, Asian Percentage of Population, Hispanic Percentage of Population, Percentage of Population Age 55 and older. Our demographic data is updated yearly, and current for 2009.

Carrier Route Maps are available for the entire US and can be purchased by county, for a single ZIP Code, for multiple ZIP Codes or by 10-mile radius around a defined location. They feature:

  • Carrier route boundaries
  • ZIP Code boundaries
  • State and country boundaries
  • Highways
  • Major roads and local streets

Carrier Route Maps also include a basic report. Enhanced reports are also available for an additional fee.

  • Basic Reports – carrier route, carrier route code, ZIP Code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, enclosing carrier route
  • Enhanced Reports – basic report information, distance between the center point of the carrier route and center point of the radius (for radius selections), US Postal Service delivery counts for associated carrier routes: total residential delivery count, multi-family delivery count, single-family delivery count, business delivery count, PO Box count.

Available in PDF format, maps are easily downloaded and instantly printed.


  • Plan Direct Mail Campaigns: Save time and qualify for the maximum postal discount using this up-to-date list featuring delivery counts by carrier route for the ZIP Codes you order.
  • Learn About Your Market Area: Delivery counts from the US Postal Service help you quantify the number of households, businesses, apartments and single family homes in each carrier route.
  • Income, Home Ownership, Senior Population and More: Choose the Enhanced Report with Demographics and receive ten demographic variables to help you make even more informed choices about which neighborhoods to target.
  • Quick Delivery: Reports are delivered within one business day.
  • Enhanced Report Discounted With Map: Save $10 on this report when you order it with a map of your ZIP Codes. Learn more about Reports with Carrier Route Maps.