Business spending on capital items

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Provides information for the national accounts and economists. It is also used to calculate weights for combining appropriate producer price indices for deflating the quarterly capital expenditure survey results and the capital expenditure component of the final economy price index.

Source agency: Office for National Statistics

Designation: National Statistics

Language: English

Alternative title: Business spending on capital items

  1. 2008 Results
  1. 2007 Results
  1. 2006 Results

Import source: ONS-ons_data_7_days_to_2010-01-25
External reference: ONSHUB
National statistic: yes
Geographic coverage: 111100: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
Update frequency: quarterly
Date released: 2010-01-18
Agency: Office for National Statistics
Categories: Economy
Geographical granularity: UK and GB