American Community Survey: Kansas 2005-2009 Detailed Tables

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The American Community Survey is disparately stored on the US Census FTP site as it is primarily meant for local community planning. The ACS is an ongoing survey that provides data every year, giving communities the current information they need to plan investments and services. Since the ACS survey has more detailed information than the US 10-year census including income distribution, we have compiled all of the detailed tables for every census tract in Kansas into one comprehensive file for the state.


The format of the compilation is as follows. The state element is the document root, containing the census id for the state and the name of the state. The state element has a child for each tract, containing the census geo id code, the tract name, and county. Each tract has a number of children representing the various detailed tables made available by the ACS, containing the table id number, a text description of the table and a universe to which the table applies. Finally each row contains a value, a margin of error and a description of that row. A comprehensive list of tables is available at the ACS website. It Should be noted that the ACS does not provide all tables for all states and therefore each state has its own schema.
Further information about the ACS can be found here.

Submitted by Darren Brown and Adam Ashenfelter