A Wiki for Executable English

Added By Infochimps

This is a kind of Wiki, for content in open vocabulary, executable English.

English text (like this sentence) is normally something for a person to read, but it cannot be used as a program that you can run on a computer.

On the other hand, executable English is something that a person can read, and that you can also run on a computer.

Shared use of the system is free. Just point a browser to .

Since the executable knowledge is in English, Google indexes and retrieves it, acting as a kind of registry.

You can use your browser to write programs in English, run them, and get English explanations of the results.

Applications of the system include: Risk Analysis, Reasoning over Taxonomies, Knowledge Based Data Mining, Business Intelligence, and Supply Chain Management.

To use the system there is nothing to install. Simply point your browser to the site below, to run the examples provided, and to write and run your own examples.