A list of all 22,802 words in the Scribblenauts dictionary.

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List of summonable objects from the Nintendo DS game Scribblenauts, from AARDVARK, ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN and ABSCONDER to ZOMBIE, ZUNICERATOPS and ZYGOTE.

via the Scribblenauts Wikipedia entry:

Scribblenauts is an emergent puzzle action video game with the tagline “Write Anything, Solve Everything”. Its objective is to complete puzzles by summonning any object (from a database of tens of thousands) through writing its name on the touchscreen. The game is considered by its developers to help promote emergent gameplay by challenging the player to solve its puzzles within certain limitations or through multiple solutions. … Reviewers believed that 5th Cell delivered on their promise to allow nearly any possible object to be created for use in Scribblenauts.

For example, the player can write “ladder”, summoning a ladder, which the player may use to climb to an out-of-reach Starite… or turn the ladder on its side and set it on fire if a fire is called for. The player may also chain objects together: impale a piece of meat on a pole and holding it while riding on a raptor.

Summoned objects range among animals, weapons, forces of nature, famous people (both fictional and real), vehicles, household objects, easter eggs of the development team, and even internet memes (eg KEYBOARD CAT). However, the game does not include trademarked terms or potential profanity. Players, using special software, claimed to have discovered that the full list of words is greater than 22,800 unique entries, but the game’s developers assert in response there are many more than this number.

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