60,000+ Documented UFO Sightings With Text Descriptions And Metadata

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The service for this API has ceased

Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

You can find a download of the data set for this API on this page

Search UFO data across more than 60,000 accounts of UFO sightings, including detailed eye-witness descriptions, location, date reported and sighted, duration and shape. The data comes from the National UFO Reporting Center.

The API reads the master file of UFO data, allowing for search functionality that returns numerous results matching your custom query, and screening out the rest. The simplicity of the API provides ease of use with connecting your program or tool to the UFO data. Once the API key is implemented in your code, you’ll never have to worry about refreshing the feed or updating the request for information.

Test the functionality of the API now using the “Sample Request” below. Use one of the terms below in the “q” field, and enter the specific term to search following the colon:

UFO Sighting Description description:
UFO Sighting Location location:
UFO Sighting Reported Date reported_at:
UFO Sighting Duration duration:
UFO Sighting Date sighted_at:
UFO Shape shape:

Try these examples:

  • description:ufo
  • location:Austin (also search by state, country, continent)
  • sighted_at:20020804 (August 4th, 2002)
  • shape:circle