24 Hours of Le Mans race results from 1923-present

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Race results from the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1923-present.

The main database features:
Year Date Starters Laps Winning Class Winners Pole Time Average Speed (kph)

If you click on the Date Field, it opens stats for the full field of Drivers:
Finish Class Class Rank Drivers Car # Team Chassis Engine Owner Laps

If you click on Drivers’ names there are brief biographies, and Driving stats by race including:

Year Start Finish Class Class Rank Car # Team Chassis Engine Tire Owner Qualifying Time Laps offers complete statistics for every major racing series. These data include what are considered complete box scores on all elite races, including data on sponsors, chassis, and lap leaders. This site is intended for the general racing fan, who wants results for all major races, all in one place.