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Open Source Community Projects

We’re proud participants in the open source community, with our own open software offerings as well as contributions to a variety of other projects.



Chef orchestration layer — your system diagram come to life. Provision EC2, OpenStack or Vagrant without changes to cookbooks or configuration. Our most powerful open source software, downloaded over 5,000 times. Used by VMware as a core piece of Project Serengeti. See how to “Build a Hadoop Cluster in 20 Minutes” with Ironfan. Download »




Named after Wukong the Monkey King, as our Wukong software is also a master of transformation. Use Ruby to do Big Data processing: Efficient, effective Hadoop streaming & bulk data processing. Our most popular open source software; downloaded over 86,000 times. Download »




Hadoop interface for Elasticsearch, the powerful full-text search database. Store data into Elasticsearch via Hadoop, and read data into Hadoop from Elasticsearch. Download »




Automate Big Data job workflows. Coordinate Pig, Wukong, and other scripts using data from HDFS, S3, or local disk. Download »




Gorillib is a lightweight, modular library of Ruby convenience methods, inspired by Rails ActiveSupport. Now you can choose which methods you utilize. Download »




Wise, discreet configuration for Ruby scripts. Integrate config files, environment variables and command line with no fuss. Download »




A framework and API for facilitating access and measurement of event data. Data goes in. The right thing happens. Download »




An ICSS (Infochimps Simple Schema) file is a complete, expressive description of a collection of related data and all associated assets. It is based on the Avro protocol specification, with some necessary extensions. Download »




A Ruby client for configuring and writing to Zabbix monitoring. Download »




Integration tests for the cloud, done right. Ironcuke leverages both Ironfan and Cucumber to make your infrastructure-as-code delightfully testable. Download »




Cube is a system for collecting time-stamped events and deriving metrics. Pioneered by Square. Download »




Efficiently order and track your group’s shared lunches, vote on restaurants, and manage menu links. We use Lunchlady to order our corporate lunches every day! (Come work for us.) Download »



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