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  • Datamob

    188 Datasets — Datamob aims to show, in a very simple way, how public data sources are being used. Their listings emphasize the connection between data posted by governments and public institutions and the interfaces people are building to explore that data.
  • MySpace Real-Time Stream

    0 Datasets — This is a collection of data from MySpace's real-time stream API. Bulk dumps, derived datasets, and utility datasets are available here. Developers and academics should find this data useful.

    2438 Datasets — seeks to give a way into the wealth of government data. As highlighted by the Power of Information Taskforce, this means it needs to be: * easy to find; * easy to license; and * easy to re-use. They are drawing on the expertise and wisdom of Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt to publish government data as RDF - enabling data to be linked together.
  • Million Songs

    28 Datasets — A collection of 28 datasets containing audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular music tracks. The collection represents a collaboration between "LabROSA": and "The Echo Nest": More details, background, and instructions on how to use the datasets can be found at "LabROSA's": site. The goal of sharing this data on Infochimps is to provide a large dataset f...