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  • Sample of Facebook users at a college network

    Offsite — The dataset contains all the information posted on approximately 1,700 Facebook profiles by students at an anonymous, northeastern American university. Profiles were sampled at one-year intervals, beginning in 2006. Note from source, as of June 2011: The T3 dataset is still offline as we take further steps to ensure the privacy of students in the dataset. Please check ...
  • IP Address to Zip Code and Demographics: Household income (Pt 2)

    Free Download — United States IP address blocks are matched to their associated geographical data including zip code, city, state, area code, latitude, and longitude. IP addresses are formatted as addresses as well as numbers using the following conversion: IP address = w.×.y.z IP num = 16777216*w + 65536*x + 256*y + z These IP address blocks are then linked, via zip code, to a portion ...
  • The Quantz Corpus (Dinosaur Comics)

    Offsite — This is all the text from every Dinosaur Comic ever made in convenient XML format. It was released by the author, Ryan North, as a tool to help solve an anagram presented in the comic for March 1, 2010. The text was also sorted and counted by word, 2 word phrases, and 3 word phrases by Paul Stansifer.