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  • GoogleTransitDataFeed

    Offsite — List of publicly-accessible transit data feeds This is a list of transit schedule data published by transit agencies and operators in GTFS format for developers to use. They contain scheduled times, stop locations, route information and optionally fare information and detailed route shapes.
  • US State and Legislative Partisan Composition Prior to the 2010 Election

    Offsite — Color-coded table showing partisan control of legislature and governor’s party for all 50 states.
  • Election Statement of Votes from

    Offsite — The Statement of Vote dataset includes aggregate data by precinct for numbers of registrations, ballot cast, turnout, and breakdown of votes. Category: admin-finance Format: Excel Details: Click on desired year to see voter results Frequency: After each election Agency name: Department of Elections
  • State by State Database | Death Penalty Information Center

    Offsite — [From the site] Welcome to DPIC’s new State-by-State information database. Here you will find the information once maintained on several individual pages. To use this database, simply click on the state of your choice using the map or drop-down menu below to display the state’s information in the box to the right. Links to sources are also on the site.
  • Twitter Census: Hashtags, URLs, Smileys by Day

    Free Download — Twitter data from millions of tweets! This is a download of Twitter data from March 2006 to November 2009. The data set consists of “tokens,” which are hashtags (#data), URLs, or emoticons (Twitter smileys or other “faces” created using keyboard characters). The data comes from analysis on the full set of tweets during that time period, which is 40 million users, 1.6 ...
  • 3.5 Million+ US Domestic Flights from 1990 to 2009

    Free Download — Description: Over 3.5 million monthly domestic flight records from 1990 to 2009. Data are arranged as an adjacency list with metadata. Ready for immediate database import and analysis. Fields: Short name Type Description Origin String Three letter airport code of the origin airport Destination String Three letter airport code of the destination airport ...