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  • 2010 Political Candidates

    Free Download — As found on — this is the set of data that we used for our 2010 Political Wordbag analysis. Yah.
  • US State and Legislative Partisan Composition Following the 2010 Election

    Offsite — Color-coded table showing partisan control of legislature and governor’s party for all 50 states.
  • Statistics of mentally disordered offenders, England and Wales

    Offsite — This bulletin is an annual publication that summarises information about people subject to a restriction order (restricted patients) admitted to, detained in, or discharged from psychiatric hospitals (high security and other hospitals in England and Wales which admit mentally disordered offenders). Source agency: Justice Designation: National Statistics Language: English ...
  • Crime: Calls for Service from

    No Data — Calls for service regarding criminal activity (unverified) Category: public-safety Format: XML Details: Must agree to terms of use by clicking on button at bottom of page before downloading dataset Frequency: Daily Time period: Last 30 days Agency name: San Francisco Police Department
  • US Census Bureau - Population Estimates Data Sets

    Offsite — [From the site] Datasets for all geographies Datasets are provided here to download for analysis in spreadsheet, statistical, or geographic information systems software. Files are in fixed-length ASCII format, each with a separate layout file, and in .csv, a generic spreadsheet format. Files include Federal Information Processing System (FIPS) codes, which uniquely ...
  • Twitter Census: Stock Tweets

    Free Download — Stock tweets from millions of Twitter posts leading up to, during, and after the Global Financial Crisis (March 2006 – March 2010). The data comes from analysis of 1.6 billion tweets during that time period, from approximately 40 million users. This data set includes 2.3 million stock tweets with the ticker symbol and keyword references. Twitter users will post the ...