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  • Political Borders for Central American Countries

    Free Download — Included, are the political borders for all of Central American. Central America is bordered by Mexico on the north and Colombia on the south. It includes Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.. The data was taken from Natural Earth, a public domain map dataset, featuring tightly integrated vector and raster data.
  • OpenStreetMap Rendering Database

    Offsite — OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. This database, usable for tile rendering, map servers, analysis, and visualization, is the OpenStreetMap planet (Planet.osm) in a database cluster: thus it can easily be attached as a new database ...
  • Wikimapia API

    Offsite — Wikimapia API is a system that allows you to receive data from Wikimapia’s maps. You can easily integrate Wikimapia Geo Data into your external application or web site. And it’s all free. “We provide you with free access to Wikimapia DB, collected by our contributors, with the aim to help the geographic community to use this data not only on Wikimapia site, but through ...