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Geography and Places

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  • Word List - 10,000+ Common Place Names

    Free Download — U.S. place names for more than 10,000 entries. This U.S. place name list is available in a simple, alphabetically-ordered .txt format, making it convenient for reference, spell-checking, or in more sophisticated application, for developers looking to build a custom location tool or database. The entries represent a sampling of U.S. place names: 10,196 places in total.
  • Postal Code files - US Zip Code Geolocations

    Free Download — Find US zip code data and corresponding latitude and longitude in a simple text format. This zip code data set is organized alphabetically and includes every US zip code, along with the corresponding city, state, latitude and longitude. Looking for more geo data? Check out the 2010 Census Demographic Profiles API to add demographics details to your geo analysis! Format ...
  • Wire Centers, Area Code and Exchanges USA & Canada, (NPA/NXX)

    Offsite — As of April 1999, there were 105,291 NPA/NXX’s (area code plus exchanges) registered for use in the USA and Canada. These prefixes are served by “central offices” located at some 24644 “wire centers”. It is at these wire centers that “local loops” to customers are terminated and branch circuits to other offices originate. This map shows the distribution of wire centers ...
  • Disasters worldwide from 1900-2008

    Free Download — Disaster data from 1900 – 2008, organized by start and end date, country (and sub-location), disaster type (and sub-type), disaster name, cost, and persons killed and affected by the disaster. Create disaster data trend reporting, based on geography, frequency, date or nature of the event. Design a visualization or time lapse illustrating disaster events around the ...
  • Storage Facilities by Landmarks

    Free Download — This data set includes US storage facility locations, mainly self-storage, and landmarks within a 5 mile radius of them. Included are national chain storage facilities, as well as locally owned and operated facilities. The landmarks listed range from schools and post offices to shopping centers, correctional facilities, and train stations from the 2010 Census TIGER ...
  • Storage Facilities by Neighborhood

    Free Download — This data set includes US storage facility locations, mainly self-storage, and the neighborhoods in which they are located. Included are national chain storage facilities, as well as locally owned and operated facilities. This data set could be useful for users researching geographic data or entities with a vested interest in storage facility locations. The data can be ...
  • National Water Information System (NWIS)

    Offsite — NWIS supports the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information about water quantity and quality collected at over 1.5 million sites around the U.S. As a long-term database and information delivery system, NWIS provides continual access to data collected over the last 100+ years, as well as real-time data on streamflow, etc. Additional facts available ...
  • GeoNames

    Offsite — The geographical database is available for download free of charge under a creative commons attribution license. It contains over eight million geographical names and consists of 6.3 million unique features whereof 2.2 million populated places and 1.8 million alternate names. All features are categorized into one out of nine feature classes and further ...
  • Open Street Map - UK Extracts

    Offsite — About UK extracts from [Open Street Map](
  • GeoCommons

    Offsite — Description Geocommons is a website for uploading and visualizing datasets with a geospatial component (so they can be plotted on a map). Focus is on visualization rather than the data with tagline: “Explore, Create and Share Intelligent Maps and Geographic Data” Openness: PASS- License: all datasets licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 Access: data provided in kml or ...
  • ADL Gazetteer Development

  • Recreation & Park Department Park Info Dataset from

    Offsite — The following data-set is from the San Francisco Recreation and Park Departments Master Property database. It list all Parks, Playgrounds, and Stadiums. This master list also contains the Park Service Area Manager along with their individual contact information.Data dictionary Format XLS
  • Netherlands - Places, Mail Codes, Streets and Geo-Coordinates Database

    Free Download — Contains two tsv files. The file named 4pp.tsv contains the 4 digit post codes for the Netherlands (1000-9999). The other, 6pp.tsv list contains all mail codes (1000 AA till 9999 XL) by province. Field names are included as headers in the data files themselves. Fields: 4pp.tsv Short name Type 4PP Integer place_of_residence String alternative_spellings String ...
  • Country Name and ISO 3166 Code MySQL Import File

  • GeoNames webservice and data download

  • Zillow - Labs - Neighborhood Boundaries

  • Libre Map Project - Free Maps and GIS Data

    Offsite — Description Mainly seem to be an aggregator of data from elsewhere. From front page: > The purpose of the Libre Map Project is to aggregate and make digital maps and related GIS data available for Free. > > Data – search and download Maps and other GIS data > > Documentation – information on Cartography and GIS related topics brought to you by Wikipedia. > > ...
  • NGA: Country Files

  • Melissa DATA - Lookups

    Offsite — Free lookups index of Databases, Web Services, Desktop Software, Mailing Lists, Developer Tools, Integrated Platforms, Desktop Software, Data Enhancement and List Hygiene.
  • Administrative boundaries of Spain

    Offsite — Basic reference datasets for Spain. - Geodetic vertex - Administrative boundaries of Spain at scales 1:1,000,000, 1:200,000 AND 1:25,000 - A dataset of Spain at the scale 1:1,000,000